About The Azcan Team

Mark O’Donoghue, CA

Mr. O’Donoghue led the capital raising efforts of Azcan RPG and the Trust, acts as President of RPG and the Trustee of the Trust. As a Director and President of Azcan RPG Corp, he is responsible currently for its operational functions and governance matters.  He has owned and operated an entrepreneurial business advisory practice, earning a number of awards for his work.  Over that period, he worked extensively with over 40 businesses, with revenues between half a million and $10 million, advising his clients on matters from strategic planning, sales and marketing, operations, human resources and leadership.

Scott Clay

Mr. Clay oversees the daily US operations of the US Limited Partnership and, along with Mr. O’Donoghue, oversees the activities of Habitribe Adaptable Housing Solutions.  As a co-founder of Azcan RPG Corp, Mr. Clay has managed its US Operations since 2009. He was responsible for implementation of the Company’s acquisition strategy (including property rehabilitation) and ongoing leasing operations. Mr. Clay has been engaged in numerous commercial and residential real estate deals in the greater Phoenix area.  In addition, Scott is a principal investor in a Phoenix-based lending company, RLS Capital Inc., providing lending and consulting services to Arizona-based companies and individuals.