What We Do

Azcan RPG and Azcan Residential Real Estate Trust

Azcan continues to acquire single-family homes at deeply discounted prices in the United States’.

The old adage, “Buy low” is accessible to those with purchasing power, market intelligence and experienced Partners.  Acquiring homes at a significant discount to the resale market price of the same home is the foundation of our strategy.

Azcan identifies and selects geographic markets in the US, which offer the best opportunity to capitalize on the spread between wholesale prices and retail value of homes.

Our active management skills and systematic procedures increase both the cash flow and the value of the property holdings, on behalf of Azcan Investors.  Azcan accesses acquisitions with the view to dispose of all assets within a short time frame (less than one year); thereby, facilitating both return on capital and return of capital to Investors.


Our Formula


1.  Market Identification

  • Azcan identifies cities and geographic areas meeting our strict investment criteria including factors such as the wholesale/retail price spread, activity in the resale market, health of the economy and other elements increasing the probability of profitable residential real estate investment.

2.  Portfolio Due Diligence and Acquisition

  • Azcan ensures every home acquired meets our pre-determined investment parameters and all additional criteria specific to a particular market.

3.  Fix and Flip Strategy

  • Azcan renovates the property to the appropriate degree for the neighborhood and to balance the conflicting objectives of speed of sale and maximizing price. Azcan will favor turnover in its strategy selection.

A Sensible Investment

Investors choose Azcan because:

  1. They like to own real homes purchased intelligently.
  2. They are looking for strong, but realistic income streams.
  3. They want a team with a track record of success