Invest “Trapped Cash” with Azcan and we’ll pay the Transaction Fee!

Posted on Jun 10 2013

Your Clients invest Free of Charge until March 31, 2014.

The exempt market creates a small anomaly: something we call “trapped cash”.

Trapped cash relates to those small balances in registered accounts under the usual $5000.00 minimum investment of most exempt market products.

So, what to do with those funds? How does your client put those to work?

Take advantage of Azcan’s $500 minimum investment and invest your clients “trapped cash” in a secure, short term (36 months) income producing US real estate investment. Until March 31, 2014, have Azcan cover the cost of the transaction! So, think of locked in RSP accounts for example where the client can’t contribute anymore, and accounts such as RESPs. If there is a cash balance under $5000 and your client wants to put the funds to work.

Think AZCAN.